Executive Director, ATLAS Humanitarian Rescue

Sean Williamson is a classically trained economist from New York University’s Stern School of Business who happens to also be a Green Beret with multiple deployments to South East Asia and Afghanistan.

Leveraging his experience as a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, Sniper, and an instructor of firearms and tactics, Sean Williamson founded ATLAS Humanitarian Rescue, a 501c3 that sends hand-picked Special Ops Veterans to those around the world who are most in need; particularly victims of human trafficking.

He provides training, consulting, and emergency support to governments, persons, and organizations. Sean’s teams have conducted stand-alone and partner operations all the way from hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico to the sweltering heat of Phnom Penh, the remote Appalachian Mountains to bustling Las Vegas, and everything in between.

His dedication in life is to create a worldwide effort of such highly trained anti-trafficking forces that potential human traffickers will be so afraid of who will come for them in the middle of the night, that they will not even consider enslaving another human for profit.

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