Founder & Board Member, The Day After Project

Amr was educated in the UK, reading Archaeology of Western Asiatics at University College, London (UCL), and graduating with a doctoral degree in 1991. He was the founder and Director of the Scientific and Conservation Laboratories at the General Department of Antiquities and Museums (1999-2004) and taught at the University of Damascus until 2006. From 2006-2009 he was a visiting professor at Brigham Young University. Currently, he is a Professor of Middle East History and Anthropology at Shawnee State University in Ohio.

Amr is a keen follower and commentator on current events in Syria and the Middle East in general and has written articles in numerous journals, and major media outlets including guest editorials for the New York Times, Time Magazine and Foreign Policy. Amr is a founder and board member on The Day After (TDA) project and currently coordinates the Heritage Protection Initiative (HPI) for cultural heritage protection at the TDA. He is also a senior advisor the ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives team.

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