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The Alliance to Counter Crime Online is made up of a group of academics and investigators trying to fix a serious threat. We are fighting to push dangerous organized crime activity off social media platforms. We seek to inform and educate U.S. lawmakers, regulators and the public about the shocking array of criminal activity occurring – almost entirely unregulated – on U.S. publicly listed social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram in particular are ground zero for an array of organized crime and other illegal groups to connect, advertise, and move material. This criminal activity often occurs in secret and private groups and at times openly.


ACCO’s work is based on research conducted entirely on social media platforms. These platforms provide rich opportunities for examination, but raise complex and important ethical questions that we have sought to answer in establishing research and publishing protocols. First, we have considered how to verify the authenticity of images or other information that is posted online, and whether exposing it to the public may hamper ongoing law enforcement efforts or put people in danger.


In all our cited work, our researchers have made attempts to verify actual illicit activity is occurring in real life, through direct communication with the victims, perpetrators, or other sources. In many cases, ACCO members have provided evidence of our findings to the appropriate law enforcement agencies, or supported law enforcement directly to counter crime.


ACCO is a CINTOC registered program.

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